Designing and manufacturing of flour mill machinery and equipment. Crushing production. Packaging machines. Palletizing. Production scales.


Client care – We give our clients professional advices on the selection of the type, on characteristics and parameters of the equipment in order to meet production demand.

Coordination - after specifying all the requirements that our clients have about the machinery and information about the conditions in which it will work, we have what we need to conceptualize and to begin with the project.

Design – this part includes preparation of project documentation and 3D visualization of the product.

Construction of the machine – machines building is passing through many different phases. We offer a progress report to our clients as additional service. During this process we use high quality materials and parts, supplied by globally proven brands.

Delivery and installation – we arrange delivery and carry out on-site assembly, after which tests for proper operation of the device are accomplished.

Warranty and after warranty maintenance – maintenance warranty service is 2 year for each machine produced, delivered and installed by Askon Engineering.

Spare parts and details - we offer spare parts for our machines and equipment, as well as production of lathes and milling details, apart from the equipment we offer.