Designing and manufacturing of flour mill machinery and equipment. Crushing production. Packaging machines. Palletizing. Production scales.

About us

Askon Engineering Ltd. is specialized in designing and manufacturing of flour mill machinery and equipment. The company was established back in 1997 and since then it has managed to find partners and clients over the countries of the EU, Russia, Balkans and etc. We develop individual project to each of our clients, which aims to meet his needs and production demands. Our work begins with design and ends up with the equipment installation. During this process our team develops various technical solutions until we find the most appropriate one. The company has gained wide range of experience, which guarantees quality, efficiency and loyalty.

Our goals

Sustainable growth

Thanks to its loyal clients Askon Engineering has achieved steady annual growth. We aim to expand our product portfolio not only in the field of flour mill equipment, but also in other fields of light industry.

Satisfied clients

Acknowledgement for successful business is satisfied client. Over the years Askon Engineering has been recognized as trustworthy company throughout good management and highly qualified staff. Our goal is to respond to the dynamics of the engineering industry in Europe. Company clients are content with our machinery, because the machines created by Askon Engineering guarantee sustainable and efficient production.


Based on our management and development model, Askons`s most important resource are our employees. Our company policy holds for the qualification and motivation of every member of the team.

Internationalization is obligatory

Mechanical engineering industry is part of the world economic globalization. The management of Askon Engineering has successfully taken expansion steps to new markets in France, Russia and the Balkan countries. We are open for future cooperation with clients and partners from all over the world.