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Automatic conventional palletizer  

Askon offers an automatic palletizing line for optimal stacking of bags and containers. Palletizer is capable of processing up to 200 bags per hour and is suitable for use of bags weight between 10 kg and 50 kg.

Palletizer is distinguished by high quality stacking, since each layer is side pressed . The result is optimal stacked pallets, and maximum loading of the pallets. Good stacking provides safe transportation of the pallet afterwards.

Thanks to its modular design, the automatic palletizer line can be installed in a wide range of different configurations, providing flexibility to the production.

The machine modules included in the palletizer are as follows:

1. Dosing device 

2. Automatic scale

3. Automatic bag filling module

4. Infeed conveyor that transports already filled bags

6. Palletized unit comprising: a bag rotating and orientating station; also bag stacking and arranging system

8. Pallet storage magazine

9. Outgoing roller conveyor for transportation of stacked pallets

10. Pallet wrapping module

11. Control system Schneider Electric (Siemens - Optional)

Flexibility of production is highly increases by fully automatic rearrangement of the bags with just one touch of a button. A single operator is needed for the whole process.

The palletizer has an integrated control system of the line so that the whole line is managed by one single system.

Especially low maintenance is another advantage of palletizer. The machine consists of system components, produced by proven brands, which require low maintenance. The result - reduced costs in terms of maintenance.

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